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lol外围首页:distant foreign countries and many foreign merchants settled in China。Five dynasties and ten kingdoms main article : five dynasties and teter Period the Period of political disunity between the Tang and the song,Five dynasties and teter Periodduring this same time,10 more stable regimes occupied sections of southern and western China,So the period is also referred to as that of thesong dynasty and Liao,Jin,western Xia homeward oxherds in wind By Li di,12 th century main articles 3360 Song Dynasty,Liao dynasty 女真族金国)emee Annihilating the Liao Dynasty in 10 years . mean while,in what are now the northwestern Chinese provinces of Gansu,Shaanxi jur Chen tribes' Jin dynasty,whose names are also rendered ' Jin ' in pinyin,was di Who then proceded to defeat The southern soot adventurous westerners such as Marco polo travelled all The waylol总决赛投注 to China and brought The first reports of its wonders to Europe . in The yuan dynasts The throughout a short-lived yuan dynasty,there was Among the populace,against the rule of the foreigners,Which finally led to peasantQING Dynasty Main Article 3360 QING Dynasty The QING Dynasty(清朝,16441911)WAS Founded after The defeat of The Ming The last Han chanThe Manchus were formerly known as The jur Chen and invaded from The north in The late seventeenth century . an estimated 25 million people died The mance参考资料:http://en . Wikipedia . org/wiki/history _ of _ 用英语!快点!Chinese civilization originated in various regional centers along both the yellow river and the Yangtze river valleys in the Neolithic era,But.[1]Oracle bones with ancient Chinese writing from The Shang dynasty have been radio carbon dated to as early as 11 The origins of Chinese culturethe Zhou dynasty began to bow to external and internal pressures in the 8th century BC .the ability of the Zhou to control its regional lords less,and the kingdom eventually broke apart into smaller States,Beginning in the spring 秦始皇United the various warring kingdoms and created the first Chinese empire . successive dynasties in Chinese history developed bures system 用英语说明中国历史。元邵amassed more than 100,000 troops and marched southwards on Xuchang in the name Of rescuing the emperor . Cao Cao gathered 20,000 men and the pride Of yuan Shao forced him To target Cao ' s force head-on . despite his overwhelming advantage in terms Of manpower yuan shan To make .袁绍' s cousin,Gao Gan,Performed much better against Cao ' s army and forced several reinforcements from Cao ' s main camp.who Was at the time a guest in yuan Shao ' s army,Also suggested to induce uprising in the back of Cao Cao ' s lands As there were many connections toOf a defector from yuan Shao's army,Xu you,who informed Cao Cao of the location of Yuan Shao ' s army supply,Cao Cao broke the stand still yuan shang . As he had designated the youngest son,yuan Shang,as his successor,Rather than the eldest As tradition dictated,the the he sent armies further out and extended his control past the great wall into northern Korea,and southward to the Han river . however . Cao’ also considered ' defeating your enemy without battle ' to be the highest form of achievement of war)He pressed on and hoped the same woull 参考资料:维基百科中国是一个具有非常丰富的文化和悠久历史的古代国家。中国IS An Ancient Country with rich culture and long History。

重点词汇分析:1、ancient古代的N .古人的单词用法:ancient可用于句子中的定语,有时也可用于表语或宾语补语。Ancient常指太古时代,一般是西方手指Western Roman Empire灭亡之前的476年。2、culture发音:英语[‘KLT(r)]美国[‘KLTR]解释:n .种植;文化;教养vt。培养,栽培语用法:culture经常被用作数不清的名词,在回答特定形式的文化或某种文化时可以用复数形式。


扩展数据culture的同义词:civilization英语[svla' Zen]美国[svl' Zen] n .文明、文教、Chinese Civilization is one of the oldest in the world中国文化是世界上最古老的文化之一。哪里有一本关于中国历史和传统文化的英语短文?用英语,中国水利水电出版社出版一定程度的是传统文化、地理历史、人文、风景、风土人情等。

用英语说的话,中国以后不用再找别的书了。英语翻译:中国有悠久的历史和美丽的文化。中国Has A Long History and SP Lendid Culture。

分析:1,这是主谓宾结构的简单句子。根据句子的意思,一般现在,主语是第三人称单数,所以谓语动词使用has。2.句子成分分析:主语:China谓语:has宾语:A Long History and Splendid Culture . 3,简单句的基本类型:1),主语谓语(自动词以下)等。

示例:He is reading。他一整天都在工作2)、主语谓语(和物动词)宾语其他。例如:He likes English。

他讨厌英语3)、主语谓语(及物动词)宾语补语其他。例如:my mother often asks me to go to school on time。我妈妈经常让我如期上学4),主语谓语(和物动词)间接宾语,必要宾语其他。例如:Mr.Li teaches us English。


李老师我们的英语5)、主题动词表其他。示例:I am very happy。我很高兴。

Chinese tea的英语句子,请说明中国的茶文化!慢点!茶来自中国,中国人种茶喝茶4000多年了。 说到车的种类,种类令人叹为观止。特别是龙井茶享受着著名的世界。



饮食有很多好处,如不健康、脑饮料、绿茶、癌症预防等。茶文化历史悠久,我们要继承它。Tea from China,Chinese tea drinking tea has 4000 years of history . when it comes to the types of tea,is really more species,EspeciallyRefreshing refreshing,green tea is also a preventive against cancer。

tea culture has a long history,we have to pass it on。应该卖给外国朋友中国,谢谢英文版,历史。哈佛大学教授主持人编制的《剑桥中国史》(the Cambridge History of ancient China)和美籍华人黄仁宇老师写的《中国大历史》(China—A Macro History)A year of no significance这些书中文版在市面上比较容易找到,但英文版可能比较不足。

关于文化方面,我推荐林语堂写的书,林语堂的书大部分是用英语写的。我们现在市面上看到的中文版是通过别人翻译的。例如,《万历十五年》 (My Country and My People)在美国引起了巨大反响,登上了美国畅销书排行榜,让当时的西方人了解中国。











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